Many of my interests surround pulp literary figures. Aside from this, I've been a keen amateur and professional photgrapher most of my life and like to dabble in astronomy and have three telescopes. I'm a reviewer for The Dark Man Journal, whose website I host here. In addition, I'm a member of the amateur press association REHupa, devoted to the works and life of Robert E. Howard.

1. The Dark Man Journal: Studies of Robert E. Howard

2. Linwood Vrooman Carter, Fantasist: In Memoriam

3. Robert E. Howard (1906~1936): Pulp Adventure Master

4. Clark Ashton Smith (1893~1961): A Way with Words

5. H. P. Lovecraft (1893~1937): Opening the Veil

6. L. Sprague de Camp (1907~2000): Master Fantasist

7. Henry Kuttner (1914~1958): the Robots had more fun

8. Leigh Brackett (1915~1978): Swordswoman Extraordinary

9. Astronomy - NASA Hubble Pic-of-the-Day

10. NGS Photography


Currently I'm employed at the University of B.C. as a maintenance engineer in charge of maintaining, repairing, and upgrading all the audio visual systems on campus and assisting with some project management of new AV systems. I went to UBC as a student, so it is like coming home. I love the atmosphere of a thriving busy campus, and UBC's excellent libraries help support my hobbies.